Crawl Walk Run

The title of my blog came from an amazing doctor who said three simple words to me that has and will forever change my life…


People always say things like “baby steps” or “you can do it gradually with time”, etc.  For some reason though those three words just stuck out to me.  They changed me…

I went from doctor to doctor and was repeatedly told that while I displayed nearly all the symptoms of hypothyroidism and had a severe family history of the “dis-ease” (I believe there are no diseases only dis-ease that we create within ourselves-I’ll get to that later) that blood work was not severe enough to treat at this time. They expected me to wait until I couldn’t function anymore before they were willing to treat me.

Eventually I had a nervous breakdown and my gyno recommended a naturopath.  I made a commitment to see this doctor as often as I could afford to.  My first visit he was telling me that the aluminum in my deodorant can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, switched me over to an organic diet and was having me take apple cider vinegar and iodine daily to treat my thyroid. He did a lot of muscle testing to determine what homeopathic remedies would work for me and what hygiene products worked best with my body.

In practically no time at all I felt so much better. Even though the diet was hard for me and seemed nearly impossible to stick to, I knew that this is what I had to do to fix my body, my mind, my life…

I sit here about 9 months later and I have more energy, am sick less often, am happier, have a new drive for what I want out of life and most importantly to me I feel connected to myself and know that I love myself now. It wasn’t until I began to love myself that I realized I didn’t love myself to begin with.

I started out crawling and I’d like to think I’m walking now…and one day soon I hope to run…

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Frank Giantinoto and all that he has done for me. I would not be the same person without his help and guidance.


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