I Forgot…

What a horrible thing it is to forget. I forgot. I forgot who I was, who I used to be.  Part of growing is remembering the best parts of yourself and carrying them forward with the new person you mold yourself into becoming.  Hopefully, this is a better version of yourself.

A working drone is what I had become before I awoke from the nightmare I called my life and remembered who I was again.  I was creative, determined and I was spunky. I let the life slowly drain from my existence until all that was left were dreams but no motivation to fulfill them.

I am grateful that I have awoken to a day where I have regained that quirky charm I once had, the determination to carry on with my dreams and the creativity that I once loved about myself.

It might take me a long time, but I will get there.  There, of course, being the target of where I want my life to “be”.

I am currently working on writing a book.  Part of this involves me looking back into past writings and memos and realizing how insightful I was at a young age and realizing how my thought patterns have progressed since then.

I am also working on my photography.  I know that I am an amateur, but I believe that it is something I can excel in.  I feel strongly connected to pictures and images and I believe that I do have an “eye” for it.     I do, in fact, get paid for freelancing at the moment.

I’m excited for the things to come. Maybe one day I will break out of my comfort zone and make a career change to writing and photography if I can get myself to a point where I can make a living out of the things I love. If I can do that, I would love to travel the country and move around and spend a few years living in different places.

I’ve come to love the new and improved version of myself.  When you believe in yourself you are unstoppable.  I am unstoppable and I won’t ever let myself forget again.


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