The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 5 (Nov 5th)

So, from time to time, I’ll decide to go to work early. I’ll set my alarm. I’ll wait up and think “F this!” and go back to bed. Not today! I actually got up the hour earlier. Granted, I was tired, but at least I had the will power to do so.

I know it’s only been 4 full days, but I decided to weigh myself again this morning because I am starting crossfit tonight and I’m willing to bet my poor underused muscles are going to flip a shit and retain a bunch of water. I was 139.8 on the morning I started the detox and just four days later I’m 138. I’d say 1.8 lbs is a lot for someone who isn’t overweight (I’m 5’7″). Before you even go there, my weight doesn’t fluctuate that much. It’s been a few months since I saw 138 (when I first started paleo).

Still have the milder version of headaches and those pesky hiccups.

Started crossfit! So exciting and motivating. I forgot what competition felt like. I mean the healthy kind where you compete with yourself and others but only as a means to see how far you can go. I dig it. Also, I’m releived it wasn’t as intense as the trial session my boyfriend, Joey, and I attended a few weeks ago.  I guess they realize they need to go a little easy on us if they expect us to not be crippled in two days for the next session.

I know this blog is boring in appearance, but worry not, as I plan to take some time at home tomorrow evening and make it prettier and update my gravatar because, at the moment, it only makes mention of my photography business, Kerry Kovacik Photography.


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