The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 6 (Nov 6th)

So, I’ve been chewing on the insides of my cheeks for so long that I thought it was the overkill of caffeine in my system, but since I haven’t really been consuming any for about a week now, I am wondering if it isn’t just plain old stress. 😦

I am working towards saving enough money to relocate which should alleviate a lot of stress for me as I hate my job but can not afford to quit. Literally.  I live on Long Island (New York) and the cost of living here is insane. So if I took a pay cut I wouldn’t be able to afford an apartment. Taking another job in this economy would equal a pay cut.  I just got my lease renewal the other day. My tiny one bedroom just went up to $1,425 plus utilities (that’s the norm for a bare minimum garden apartment here). Good thing I’m not renewing. My boyfriend and I will be renting somewhere cheaper for a few months so we can save enough cash to relocate to Austin, TX. The economy is doing really well there and we can both do better financially without ever feeling trapped into a job. At least while the economy is still awesome there I would imagine.

Anyhow, my office sets their climate control to tundra. This means that my Reynaud’s gets to act up at least once a day as I freeze. My hands turn white, blue and purple and they feel numb-ish when typing.

In addition, my psoriasis seems worse during the detox. Not sure if the sugar dying off in my body would cause my psoriasis to flare or what.

I lied, I got tired and watched election stuffs last night instead of making the blog prettier. I did manage to update some links on my gravatar though.


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