Don’t Mess With My CoCo-Roons…

I’ve been having a rough day / week / month / year? Joey and I are relocating to Austin in approximately one month. My job is aware and they have hired my replacement for me to train, but it is our busy season (I work in an accounting firm) and I am mentally fried. I really wish I had more time for…anything? Specifically, I wish I had more time or energy for CrossFit. I mean, with snazzy shoes like these, who wouldn’t want to wear them as often as possible?


So anyway, I was having a bad day. In my stressed out state I forgot to bring my lunch (yummy Caveman To Go)! Joey left work early due to a swollen ankle that he managed to injure pumping gas. Yea, I didn’t really ask either… Anyway, he drove all the way out to where I work to bring me my food and suprised me with deliscious Coco-Roons! I may not be a fan of all of their flavors, but the “Brownie” flavor is addictive. Also, there’s nothing terrible inside them! See?!

image2 image


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