It’s Only Been 5 Months

March 22, 2013. That was the last time I posted. A lot has happened in 5 months. Joey and I moved from New York to Texas. We both started new jobs, tried new things, met new people, ate food that we knew would wreak havoc on our poor bodies, yada, yada.

Yesterday, we finally joined a new CrossFit gym called The Combine Strength & Conditioning. I miss how my arms and abs were starting to tone. Right now, I feel all sorts of fluffy. Operation go hard body is back in motion.

Since my biggest weakness with physical activity is on the stamina side of things, in addition to my CF classes, I’m going to do a weekly in home experiment to track my stamina progress. How long can I keep up without slowing down. The challenge is simple. 5 squats followed by 5 burpees every minute on the minute until I can’t finish in a minute. Once that gets too easy (20 rounds and counting?), I’ll up the reps.

Tonight’s score was 10 rounds.

I took a front and side photo of myself tonight and while I am too self conscious to post that now, I’m saving it for when I can be proud to show how far I’ve come. Instead, I’ll show you my proudest CF moment so far as part of this year’s open. I got 95lbs overhead. 🙂

CFSS 13.3-10

…no one has a cute face when they lift. No. One.


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