Updates, Updates, Updates, and an Announcement

Yay! Big/awesome news from Joey and me!

A Hand for the Man and a Hat for the Lady

What a month or whatever it’s been. I have a lot to tell, so hang on to your butts. There’s an announcement in here, too. That’s exciting.

—Kerry and I moved again. The fourth time this year. We now have a bigger apartment with a second bedroom and bathroom, that just so happens to have our old full-sized bed. But don’t worry, readers, we aren’t sleeping on the couch. No, we got ourselves a queen. Not just a queen, but a Sealy queen and you just sink into it. It’s also on top of a box spring and this awesome frame so we’re about 10 feet from the ground. Pretty sick. The rest of the apartment is coming together and will be open for visitors (the approved kind) soon.

—You know what else we got? A dog.


We named her Darla. She’s a 2-year-old Pocket Pittie (smaller, about 40 lbs)…

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