My Generation: a move toward the self employed?

I am in a constant state of feeling like there’s not enough time for cleaning the apartment, buying groceries, cooking meals, doing laundry, walking/playing with the dog/cat, running errands, having a social life, exercise, relaxation time (reading, tv, etc.) and working in order to afford all of the above. The chores come first and taking care of ourselves usually comes in second. I often feel run down from the constant cycle of things that NEED to get done versus the things I want to do such as exercising and relaxing. I can’t even fathom adding kids into the mix.

Is it my generation? Am I lazy? Do we just have more to deal with now than older generations?  I hate my job and thus it drains me. I don’t feel like my body was meant to sit at a desk staring at a computer all day. Yet, so many people do that and love it. I also know that it feels like there’s an increasing number of people that make it into there mid 20’s and decide that going to college and then working at the same job for the rest of your life feels like a death sentence. Joey and I are two such people.

Many of you may already know that Joey and I have decided to start Kippin’ It Paleo, a paleo food preparation and delivery service, because we both hate working in an office and sitting all day in front of a computer. If we find it hard and stressful to balance cooking meals from scratch into our busy schedule, then I am sure other people do too. I find it really hard to eat out without triggering some kind of autoimmune response because my body is intolerant to nuts, grains, gluten, legumes, dairy, eggs and sometimes nightshades. My body also reacts to sugar, but when under stress, I subject myself to it which I know is terrible.

When our business website goes live, we’ll have a blog attached to the site. It’s then and there that I’ll rehash my full story since I believe there are many people that can and will relate. Maybe some people will realize that the headaches they get correspond with eating a certain food or if they feel really tired, that could be food induced as well.

Part of the reason for this business is to be able to set my own hours and rules for how and when I work and to be a part of something I believe in and care about. I love the idea of helping other people by doing something that will help give my life more meaning and allow me to live a healthier life.


The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day ??

I’ve been so busy lately.  I woke up this morning and was amazed that it was November 20th already. Time flew. I guess when you take my boring 40 hour per week job and add in crossfit onramp 3x a week at 2 hours a pop and then my holiday influx of photo gigs and I am lucky I have time to make food! That really says something too because I know how important making sure you are eating enough is.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about eating paleo and was so happy to see her and her mom giving it a try (especially since they both have autoimmune stuffs too). Discovering paleo has done incredible things for me and I love spreading the anti-grain mantra. As Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites says, “Gluten is bad. Bacon is rad.”!  Also, now I see what sugar did.  It kept weight on me no matter what I did exercise wise.  It made my psoriasis worse.  My psoriasis is still there, but it’s a lot less severe since starting the detox. I need to improve that leaky gut!

I’m excited that I haven’t had a single cup of coffee that contained sugar during the detox. I (with the help of my super awesome and supportive boyfriend) refrained from eating any treats at a Friendsgiving I attended. The only cheats I’ve had on the detox is some balsamic vinegar a handful of times. I’m not even sure if it is cheating. I’m assuming so because there is a little bit of sugar in balsamic. The other cheat was I had a pumpkin souffle. It had a very small amount of maple syrup in it.  Considering I went from two cups of coffee with heaping mounds of sugar a day along with stuffing myself with fruit and chocolate chips in the evening to none of the above, I am proud of myself.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 7 (Nov 7th)

Nothing drastically different today. So far, other than dropping a pound or two I haven’t noticed any immediate health improvements but I also realize that it’s only been a week…

I have noticed that I am more emotional than normal. No, it’s not that time of the month. I’ve cried over various stressers like once every other day. :/ I’m not usually that stressed or emotional…

I’m noticing that my sugar detox has caused some, well, constipation. There, I did it. I brought up poop. I also know that I’ve stopped drinking coffee and I know that caffeine has been a help sometimes in that arena.  I’m going to buy some of GT’s Kombucha tonight after work and see if that helps as I’ve heard it has probiotic properties.  I starting taking a home made fermented cabbage probiotic and it’s not the taste that has me gagging so much as the texture so I need some other way of taking probiotics. I’d like to resort to pill form as a last method.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 6 (Nov 6th)

So, I’ve been chewing on the insides of my cheeks for so long that I thought it was the overkill of caffeine in my system, but since I haven’t really been consuming any for about a week now, I am wondering if it isn’t just plain old stress. 😦

I am working towards saving enough money to relocate which should alleviate a lot of stress for me as I hate my job but can not afford to quit. Literally.  I live on Long Island (New York) and the cost of living here is insane. So if I took a pay cut I wouldn’t be able to afford an apartment. Taking another job in this economy would equal a pay cut.  I just got my lease renewal the other day. My tiny one bedroom just went up to $1,425 plus utilities (that’s the norm for a bare minimum garden apartment here). Good thing I’m not renewing. My boyfriend and I will be renting somewhere cheaper for a few months so we can save enough cash to relocate to Austin, TX. The economy is doing really well there and we can both do better financially without ever feeling trapped into a job. At least while the economy is still awesome there I would imagine.

Anyhow, my office sets their climate control to tundra. This means that my Reynaud’s gets to act up at least once a day as I freeze. My hands turn white, blue and purple and they feel numb-ish when typing.

In addition, my psoriasis seems worse during the detox. Not sure if the sugar dying off in my body would cause my psoriasis to flare or what.

I lied, I got tired and watched election stuffs last night instead of making the blog prettier. I did manage to update some links on my gravatar though.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 5 (Nov 5th)

So, from time to time, I’ll decide to go to work early. I’ll set my alarm. I’ll wait up and think “F this!” and go back to bed. Not today! I actually got up the hour earlier. Granted, I was tired, but at least I had the will power to do so.

I know it’s only been 4 full days, but I decided to weigh myself again this morning because I am starting crossfit tonight and I’m willing to bet my poor underused muscles are going to flip a shit and retain a bunch of water. I was 139.8 on the morning I started the detox and just four days later I’m 138. I’d say 1.8 lbs is a lot for someone who isn’t overweight (I’m 5’7″). Before you even go there, my weight doesn’t fluctuate that much. It’s been a few months since I saw 138 (when I first started paleo).

Still have the milder version of headaches and those pesky hiccups.

Started crossfit! So exciting and motivating. I forgot what competition felt like. I mean the healthy kind where you compete with yourself and others but only as a means to see how far you can go. I dig it. Also, I’m releived it wasn’t as intense as the trial session my boyfriend, Joey, and I attended a few weeks ago.  I guess they realize they need to go a little easy on us if they expect us to not be crippled in two days for the next session.

I know this blog is boring in appearance, but worry not, as I plan to take some time at home tomorrow evening and make it prettier and update my gravatar because, at the moment, it only makes mention of my photography business, Kerry Kovacik Photography.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 3 + 4 (Nov 3rd + 4th)

The weekend was busy so this post will be the shorter highlight reel.

I Joined crossfit! I start Monday evening for the onramp which is 3x a week for 3 weeks. I’m excited and nervous but don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

Headaches have mostly subsided. When I do have a headache now, it’s very mild. Still have strange sporadic hiccups.

I’m having cravings for sugar! I want it! I feel like a drug addict going through a withdrawal. OK, maybe not that drastic, but close. Also, I don’t actually know what a drug addiction feels like, but I’m imagining.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 2 (Nov 2nd)

Head throbbing! I called in “late” to work so I could sleep longer. Between the headache from hell and the gas ordeal from the previous night I definitely needed it.

I forgot to mention my starting weight for the detox is 139.8.  I weighed myself yesterday morning. I know people will say it’s not all about weight, and I know they’re right, but I would like to be smaller overall.  I’d also like to have a hard body and that’s where signing up for crossfit would come in. I also know that muscle weighs more than fat, but I also know I won’t accidentally look like THIS (which is an absurd misconception that girls who pick up a weight will look like that). That’s just ridiculous. You wouldn’t just wake up one day and be like OMG! I’m huge! I knew I shouldn’t have touched those 10lb weights!

Moving on. A friend read my blog and didn’t know what nightsades were. Simply put, they are potatoes, peppers, tomato and eggplant, but you can read more HERE. If not for an awesome doctor a few years ago, I wouldn’t know what nightshades were either. Sometimes when you know something, you forget that others may not. I’ll try to be better about that.

Speaking of nightshades, I haven’t actively decided not to eat them just yet. This sugar detox has my head throbbing. I need more prep time before I move on to eggs (because they can elicit an autoimmune respponse in some individuals) and nightshades (same deal). Regardless of not giving nightshades up yet, I haven’t eaten any in a few days. Eggs are another story. Eggs + Bacon = Breakfast <3! I need to work myself up to their removal.

I’m not rushing anything since I went gluten and dairy free back in late August. I’ve had dairy on the rare occassion but I think I can tolerate it. I had cheese once and I KNOW that I absolutely can’t eat cheese. No bueno! Gluten and dairy free wasn’t too difficult to do, but I knew sugar, eggs and nightshades would be different as I love sugar and eggs and pasta sauce! So first came sugar because I think that’s more important for my health.

Another random thing I’ve noticed the last two days besides the headache is the sporadic hiccuping. I haven’t a clue what that’s about, but I sound ridiculous with my one off hiccups…

The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 1

Well, my morning started out with me realizing I’m special. The kind of speacial where I slathered my delicious butternut squash meatballs with sugar added marinara sauce just days ago and now my lucky boyfriend gets them all until the next batch because I’m not giving in, knowingly, to sugar on Day 1!

Luckily there were back up lunch plans in the fridge so I grabbed that and some herbal tea to replace my sugar with a side of coffee that I normally have in the mornings at work. Without that extra caffeine, I feel exhausted and sluggish today. Although without my coffee diuretic I’m also not peeing every five minutes.

Towards the end of the day, I noticed a headache that grew intp a pounding migraine that won’t cease.  Add that to the stress of not being able to locate gas until close to midnight and I felt like I couldn’t tolerate my head being attached to my body for much longer. I definately had plenty of water, so that wasn’t it.  I guess it’s just the sugar/caffeine withdrawal. I hope it passes quickly!

Giddy-Up Buttercup!

Let me first apologize. I’m sorry that this post will be on the long side, but I just want to explain what in the world I’m doing with the blog. Since I’m not entirely certain yet, I’ might be a bit all over the place.

I’ve been struggling for years on my quest for health. It started with not being satisfied with my weight in college and morphed through the years into learning what I believe is healthy eating and then re-learning into a different belief. Same with exercise and certain life habits.

A few years back I started seeing a new Dr. and that has been a game changer. You can read about how I came to name my blog and about this Dr. HERE. He was the first doctor to tell me that sugar and gluten and corn syrup were horrible for the body. I felt better under his care but I couldn’t afford to keep seeing him so I stopped but tried to keep up with all I learned from him.

Fast forward a few years again and I go through a few month period where the exhaustion I experienced was debilitating. I was tired all day, every day. I also had trouble with my weight. I saw a new doctor who diagnosed me with “mild lupus”. To this day I’m not sure if I buy it since I don’t have enough prerequisite symptoms to fit the diagnosis (just psoriasis, Reynaud’s, positive ANA and low platelets). Either way, it wasn’t severe enough for me to take the drugs the doctor pushed because when I asked her how it worked in the body I was told that it wasn’t known. No thanks. Back to square one.

I saw more doctors than I can recall. All of them told me I was fine. Sure, I’m fine in a sense that I’m not dying or severely ill, but I wasn’t healthy. I could feel it, literally sometimes, in my muscles and my fatigue. I could see it in my weight despite what I believe is eating healthy and exercising.

Fast forward a few months and I’m just plugging along constantly tired and stressed with my myriad of random alignments that are make me “fine”. I start surfing around reddit one day and was looking into gluten free because I read that eliminating gluten has been helpful for some people with autoimmune diseases. A fellow redditer posted that I should try looking into the paleo subreddit. I do and immediately think these people are a bit extreme and it mostly ended there.

Since this post is long enough, if you’d like to know what exactly a paleo diet is, go HERE.

One day I was googling recipes and came across It’s paleo-ish. It uses a few non paleo ingredients so I tried a few recipes and loved them! Through this site I found out about a new book called Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites. I decided to give the book a whirl after coming back from vacation and within 3 weeks I lost weight and didn’t feel as bloated as I normally do.

Because of this book I learned that my body does not like gluten or cheese. I feel horrible afterwards, but I never realized it until I eliminated them for a few weeks.  I think I’m OK with dairy, but the Practical Paleo book has an autoimmune protocal that I want to try. It involves no grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nightshades, nuts and sugar.

I rely heavily on my morning coffee WITH sugar during the work week.The notion of giving that up is a hard one to comprehend. My office is freezing and I love sugar. I know my body needs me to treat it better. Diane Sanfilippo also has The 21 Day Sugar Detox, so as of tomorrow I will be starting that and I will be implementing the autoimmune protocol slowly over the next week. Oh yea and because paleo and crossfit go together like cookies and milk, I will be joining crossfit on Monday.

The title of this post come from Robb Wolf. He has a flow chart that asks if you’ve tried eliminating eggs and nightshades if you still have autoimmune symptoms. When you look at “no”, he says to giddy-up buttercup. It’s a much more amusing way of telling someone to get on it!

So this blog will be me learning about food and my body. It’ll be me letting you know what level of cripple I am after each workout. How I feel without sugar (and other foods). This blog will also be recipes and anything else I deem applicable.